The Fee of Life

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Note – The following writing assumes that a person did not start off with a six+-figure monetary fund that they invested well in sustainable living.

To build off of my last post, I want to introduce another concept that needs to be ingrained in early education as a fact of life for all human beings that are present in our society. It needs to be well understood that when someone says “nothing in life is free,” they literally mean those exact words. I present it as the fee of life; the fee that applies to the moment you are born until the moment you die. Everything you need, want, wish for, think of or consider has a fee. This fee whether upfront or hidden, is not a matter that can be avoided. Therefore, I suggest that we adopt a new policy of telling our youth the facts about the fee of life.

The fee of life applies at birth, but for the sake of this argument I’m going to start at the entrance into adulthood. At 18, the fee starts applying directly to you. Or at least legally it does. The fee applies if you wish to eat, sleep in a bed, wear clothing, smell and appear decent and maintain your health. This fee applies because you exist in this money hungry world that expects you to pay to view the show. Society highly recommends that you pay these fees in full, or else they will start applying hidden fees. These are kept neatly hidden until they apply to your situation. At this time, they will whip out the fee for failing to pay the other fees. This fee is for failing to do any or all of the above. For example, if you choose to not pay for your food, well, stealing is immoral so there’s an immoral fee for theft. If you don’t sleep in a bed and you reside on a sidewalk, under a bridge, behind a dumpster or in a back alley, be prepared for a hefty fine again. If you don’t wear clothing in your daily adventures, consider that a double fee – for societal disgrace and also simply because it’s illegal to walk naked in the streets. And, if you don’t appear and smell decent, good luck finding the means to pay these fees. If your health isn’t maintained (fee! fee! fee!), then you’re even more out of luck and don’t bother going pass Go.

Your options seem pretty straight forward. You have a fee, or you have a fee. The choice is yours. The real dilemma comes when you have to find a means to pay those fees. You better hope you have all of the above fees paid or else there will be no funds to pay the fees. If that happens, then prepare for more fees until you are so indebted to the world that you have no way of climbing out of the debt you’ve accumulated merely because you exist. If only we could choose to sign up for this credit card with a 20% interest rate like we do at JC Penny’s in order to receive a discount on our latest purchase. Instead, this credit card is assigned at birth to your social security card and birth certificate with big, bold letters clearly printing your name; first, middle and last. And in fine print at the bottom of the card it says,

“You will now be charged the following fees for the rest of your life. If unpaid, we reserve the right to take your home, dignity, liberty and your right to pursue happiness. Thank you and we look forward to your continued payments.”


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